Sapid Designs Pvt. Ltd. is a leather goods production house, customizing and manufacturing trendy and elegant bags, purses, wallets and other fashion accessories.

Based in Kolkata (India), the company is fully competent to meet the global demands for leather goods and accessories. It guarantees reliability of supply and quality to its customers by honoring its commitments every single time.

Every stage of production is handled and supervised by skilled and trained workforce. At SDPL, we strive to create a relationship of trust with our customers by providing them with the best at very competitive prices.


The company was founded with the vision to create a reputation that is synonymous with elegance and excellence. Complete customer satisfaction has and will always be our primary motivation. With our single-minded devotion to quality and perfection, we aim to produce premier leather goods that match international standards.

Using the optimum combination of hand-crafting and technology, we strive to bring to you high quality bespoke leather accessories that are fashionable and durable. The craftsmanship of skilled and experienced artisans is paired with the efficiency of smart and computerized production techniques.

Our vision is to constantly innovate and to adapt to changing market trends in order to cement our stronghold in the leather industry. Through quality work and constant reinvention, we aim to build a relationship of trust and reliance with our clientele.


Sapid Designs Private Limited is a dependable and leading manufacturer of premium leather accessories.

  1. Superior Raw Materials – With customer satisfaction as our priority, we use only the finest natural leather for our products. Without compromising on the fashion quotient, we pay a great deal of attention on the durability and usability of our products. The leather we use is specially sourced from tanneries that are compliant with International Standards, guaranteeing excellence.
  1. Strict Quality Control Policy – Quality is the key aspect we focus on. All our products are subjected to strict testing standards prevalent in countries like USA, Germany and UK. At every stage of production, the products go through rigorous quality checks. A team of highly skilled professionals with expertise and experience conduct quality checks periodically. We aim to provide the best quality to our customers at very competitive prices.
  1. Reliability – Each product is exclusively designed keeping in mind the latest trends of the top international brands and with quality checks at every stage. Our designs are stylish, our products are durable, and our quality is the best in the market. We strive to create a relationship of trust with clients by honoring our commitments every single time.
  1. Customization – We understand the exclusivity of every client’s requirements. With our capability to customise and innovate, we are proud to be able to cater to all specific needs.
  1. Constant Innovation – Our Development Team is up-to-date with latest global trends in design and technology, enabling us to bring fresh and innovative designs to our customers.
  1. Continual Improvement – Instilled with a zest to be globally recognized as a reliable manufacturer of leather goods, we strive for continuous improvement not just in production but also in our management and workforce.
  1. Optimum Amalgamation of Human Skills and Technology – Trained and experienced workforce combined with advanced technology gives us an edge over our competitors.